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MG-10E - double trouble

There are a few companies in the autogas components business who make double reducers. This is something of an idea – compact dimensions and the efficiency of two single devices, perfect for high displacement and high output engines. As it turns out, a small Spanish company Motor Gas has one of these on offer, too.
Small, but plump - it may be little of a looker, but means business© Motor GasThe diameter of the body is roughly the same as in a regular reducer, the MG-10E is just thicker

The MG-10E vaporiser seems ideal for converting large American cars to run on autogas. Why should that be? Well, because this double reducer (with two coupled water chambers) is cut out for the job of feeding a large, but not necessarily very powerful motor. Yes, it will manage more than 200 PS, but when you get a 5,7 or 6,2 l V8 monster, it is more important to supply stable large quantities of fuel to the combustions chamber, but it does not have to happen all too quick.

Still, a double reducer looks like an option to take – it only takes up a little more room than a regular, single device, but works for two. Apart from space, it saves the installer time otherwise necessary to fit two vaporisers and makes the entire system simpler and more foolproof as it is easier to incorporate a single device into the cooling system than two of them. The process also requires fewer accessories, such as hoses, clamps, etc. Will the idea catch on? Will other companies introduce double-chamber, high capacity reducers? It does not seems like a great challenge engineering-wise, co why not? All we have to do is wait.


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Robert Markowski
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