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Podium finish for BRC at Rally Adriatico

This year BRC Racing Team entered two LPG-powered contenders in the Rally Adriatico. Both were autogas-only Ford Fiesta R5s featuring BRC's LDI liquid state injection systems. One of the cars was driven by Giandomenico Basso, a figure well known to our readers.
Rally Adriatico 2016© ACI Sport ItaliaOff to a good start - Simone Campedelli and Danilo Fappani finished second in their debut on the BRC Racing Team

However, it was the other duo, Simone Campedelli and co-driver Danilo Fappani, novices in the BRC Racing Team and in an LPG-powered rally car altogether, who managed to secure the second spot in the rally's final standings. Quite a debut, don't you think?

As far as the winner is concerned, the Rally Adriatico's top spot on the box was taken (for the fourth time in a row!) by Umberto Scandola, who seems to have a knack for driving on gravel, particularly in this very event. Scandola and his co-driver, Guido d'Amore, use a Skoda Fabia R5.

BRC Racing Team's other crew, Giandomenico Basso and Lorenzo Granai, finished just behind the podium, having come fourth. Unfortunately, this means Basso and Granai are no longer second in the season's general standings, having been replaced by Umberto Scandola. Simone Campedelli, thanks to his successful debut, is already fifth overall.

General standings of the 23rd Rally Adriatico:

  1. Umberto Scandola/Guido d'Amore (Skoda Fabia R5) – 1:21'05.2;
  2. Simone Campedelli/Danilo Fappani (Ford Fiesta R5 LDI) – 16.0 behind;
  3. Denis Colombini/Flavio Zanella (Skoda Fabia R5) – 36.7 behind;
  4. Giandomenico Basso/Lorenzo Granai (Ford Fiesta R5 LDI) – 56.8 behind.

Overall standings of the Italian Rally Championships (CIR – Campionato Italiano Rally) are as follows:

  1. Paolo Andreucci – 53,5 pts;
  2. Umberto Scandola – 45 pts;
  3. Giandomenico Basso – 39,75 pts;
  4. Alessandro Perico – 19 pts;
  5. Simone Campedelli – 18,5 pts.


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