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BRC SDI 2.0 - new engine codes

LPG and CNG systems for direct-injected petrol engines are dedicated for particular units, not versatile like their counterparts for MPI motors. And so it's always something of an event when a manufacturer releases new engine codes for LPG/CNG systems.
BRC Sequent Direct Injection 2.0 conversion kit© BRCThe hardware remains the same, but the software has been improved to encompass more engines

While many autogas system manufacturers go either the direct liquid state LPG injection way or down the path of indirect vapour state LPG or CNG injection when it comes to converting direct-injected engines, BRC has both solutions in stock as the company believes each suits certain applications better than the other one. The Sequent Direction 2.0 is a system applying gaseous fuels (LPG and CNG) to the intake manifold.

The list of engine codes has been expanded recently with 7 new applications, 5 of which are for LPG systems and the remaining 2 – for compressed natural gas. The details are as follows:

  • Ford B-Max 1,0 EcoBoost (74,5 kW) SFJB Euro 5 – LPG;
  • Ford B-Max 1,0 EcoBoost start/stop (74,5 kW) SFJB Euro 5 – LPG;
  • Ford Fiesta 1,0 EcoBoost (74,5 kW) SFJB Euro 5 – LPG;
  • Ford Fiesta 1,0 EcoBoost start/stop (74,5 kW) SFJB Euro 5 – LPG;
  • Kia Sportage 1,6i 16V GDI (99 kW) G4FD Euro 6 – CNG;
  • Nissan Juke Nismo 1,6i 16V DIG-T (140 kW) Euro 6 – LPG;
  • Skoda Fabia Combi 1,2 TSI (66 kW) CJZC Euro 6 – CNG.

More codes are under development, so stay tuned!


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