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France pays for autogas conversions!

It's no secret France wants to get rid of its diesels and replace them with cleaner and greener vehicles to improve air quality. Now, if you buy a sub-130 g/km CO2 car, you can count on financial support from the government.
A panoramic view of Paris© auto-gas.netFrench authorities want to keep air above cities clean and LPG autogas is one of the ways to reach that goal

So who's eligible?

As far as autogas is concerned, pretty much any car can be eligible for the grant as long as its carbon dioxide emissions are below 130 g/km. Age of the vehicle doesn't matter – if it's going to be converted to run on LPG, it can be manufactured before 1997, even though otherwise it would have to be decommissioned and scrapped. And since the scheme applies to vans and trucks as well as passenger cars, diesels (even pre-2001 ones) are eligible, too. All autogas-converted vehicles are automatically granted Crit'air 1 stickers, while there are also two other categories: 0 (for EVs and hybrids) and 2 (for new diesels and petrol cars).

Let's talk money

Value of the grant depends on the applicant's income. If the car is eligible, €1000 is the least you can expect, but if you come from a less affluent background, you can receive €2000 instead. Additionally, if the vehicle is purchased new, an extra "green bonus" is granted. Authorities hope that with this money it will be possible to eliminate old, polluting vehicles from the streets once and for all, improving air quality and cutting the number of people suffering from diseases caused by pollution. Besides, newer and cleaner cars will be allowed to access city centres at all times, so switching to greener rides means being more mobile.


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