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Park for free with autogas in France

There's more to autogas than meets the eye, at least in France there is. If the savings from switching from petrol to LPG aren't enough to convince motorists, maybe free parking for autogas-powered cars will? More cities have just jumped the bandwagon.
Refueling with autogas at a station in France© auto-gas.netCheaper refueling and free parking - all thanks to LPG! If only autogas-powered cars were also cheaper to purchase than their counterparts running on petrol...

Free parking (up to 2 hours) will be available to cars whose drivers apply for the so-called green disc – a plaque indicating that a vehicle is a low-emission one. The green disc isn't only limited to LPG-powered cars (although autogas is the most common alternative fuel in France) – NGVs (vehicles running on natural gas), EVs, hybrids, cars fueled with hydrogen and E85, as well as microcars emitting up to 120 g/km of CO2 and vehicles used in carsharing services also apply.

The green disc scheme is the fruit of a partnership between ADEME (French national Environment and Energy Management Agency) and AVE (Association of Green Vehicles). It's already in operation in 23 cities across France, with many more considering implementation. AVE hopes the number of participating cities will soon double, especially that a campaign has been launched to support and promote the programme. Now that's one good example to follow!


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