Diesel-free Paris before 2020

Anne Hidalgo, mayor of Paris, has announced a plan to eliminate diesel-powered cars from the city's main roads before the year 2020. Instead, only ultra-low emission vehicles will be allowed. Also, more pedestrian-only areas and bicycle lanes will appear.

Partial diesel car ban was introduced in March, 2014, when air quality proved worst in the city's entire recorded history. Anne Hidalgo's plan also includes tourist coaches entry limitations (excess of buses causes traffic jams), truck transit bans (long-distance transport will have to use ring roads to avoid going through the French capital) and electric delivery vans for Paris' car rental system.

Worth knowing

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has proven that diesel engines, although more efficient than their petrol-powered counterparts, generate more pollutants that the WHO has deemed carcinogenic.

Obviously, all those actions stem from care for Parisians' health and well-being. Dwellers of the city on average live by 6-7 months shorter than people from other regions of France, less exposed to pollutants. According to a poll published by the Journal du Dimanche, 84% Parisians support fighting air pollution in the city, while 54% are also for banning diesel-powered cars from the city altogether by 2020.


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Piotr Złoty
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