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Fiat Panda: 300 000 times more natural

The Panda remains one of the pillars of Fiat's European lineup, hands down. But the methane-powered Panda Natural Power is in a class of its own – with 300 thousandth example just having rolled off the assembly line, it's bound to be the world's most produced car running on CNG.
300 thousandth Fiat Panda Natural Power at the Pomigliano d'Arco plant© FCAFiat has 300 000 reasons to celebrate with this car!

Fiat Panda rules segment A of the European car market, with 15% share to itself (up 1,4% in 2016 compared to 2015). But while that's impressive, Panda Natural Power impresses even more: being the first mass-produced NGV, it has topped the list of best selling methane cars of the Old Continent since 2007. Should it be deposed, the wannabe is none other than Fiat Punto, so the Italian company can rest assured they won't lose the crown anytime soon.

The milestone car was manufactured at Fiat's Pomigliano d'Arco plant near Naples, Italy, and before it's put to rest in a museum or auctioned off for charity, it will travel to a number of events to showcase Fiat's CNG expertise and raise further interest in the brand's methane range. The first such event will be the upcoming Geneva Motor Show in early March 2017.

The lucky example is a white-painted car built to Lounge specs, bound to receive custom livery to make it stand out during shows. Under the hood there's a two-pot TwinAir engine, churning out 80 PS and consuming 4,5 l of petrol or 3,1 kg (4,14 m3) of CNG per 100 km. Using methane helps slash CO2 emissions by 23% and NOX emissions by as much as 52% (compared to petrol). Let us take this opportunity to wish Panda Natural Power many more impressive records and milestones – hopefully we'll be able to write about the half-milionth example produced soon enough!


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