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Fiat 500 EasyPower - facelifted savings

The popular retro-styled supermini has been given the mid-life overhaul. The engine line-up hasn't changed and neither has the availability of an LPG-powered option. On the downside, autogas is still mated to the 1,2-litre FIRE unit.
Fiat 500 EasyPower 2015© FiatIf it ain't broke, don't fix it - the stylistic upgrades are very subtle

The 69 PS engine is, to use a euphemism, technologically mature. While there's nothing wrong about that per se, we fear the combination of an obsolete power unit and autogas may help preserve the stereotype of LPG only being suitable for old cars and their outdated engines. In fact, we've driven an LPG-powered Fiat Panda featuring the 85 PS version of the 0,9-litre TwinAir engine and although the unit's sound is quite annoying, at least you know it's a modern-day, downsized and turbocharged engine.

Well, what can you do? If Fiat didn't take the opportunity to introduce an autogas-powered TwinAir to the 500 when they had the chance, they probably won't do it until the car's next generation debuts a few years from now. Meanwhile, you get a refreshed version of the current model – which ages with dignity anyway – and by choosing the EasyPower variant (available in select markets) you can cut your fuel bills in half and significantly reduce your CO2 output. The brightsides include a much more tolerable engine sound (four cylinders on the 1,2 FIRE engine instead of TwinAir's two) and simpler, presumably more durable build (no turbocharger to break down). Get one while it's hot!


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