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Fiat Tipo LPG - new body styles, new engine

Fiat Tipo LPG - new body styles, new engine © Fiat

Fiat presented two new bodystyles of the new Tipo in Geneva – a hatchback and an estate, thus completing the family. The company took this opportunity to share some new details concerning the autogas-powered version and it means good news.
Fiat Tipo hatchback© FiatThe hatchback may become the most popular bodystyle of the new Tipo

When first presenting the new Tipo some time ago, we said – based on information revealed by Fiat's Polish representatives – the car's LPG variant will most probably be equipped with 1,4-litre Fire engines, generating 95 PS. While it remains true of Poland, where the car will be locally converted, other markets will benefit from a factory conversion featuring the 1,4-litre T-Jet unit (with reinforced valves and valve seats), which is good for 120 PS. But while the extra 25 PS may sound good, what sounds even much better is the 90 Nm torque bonus offered by the T-Jet engine. Fiat's decision to go with the more powerful unit for LPG conversion is a good one in our opinion – we don't want autogas to be associated with technologically outdated, weak engines.

Fiat Tipo SW© FiatA practical estate instead of a fashionable crossover? We say yes!

As far as the conversion goes, we don't know anything for certain just yet and we probably won't until we see a factory-converted example, but we expect the LPG components to be supplied by Landi Renzo of Italy, as is traditional for Fiat. Carmakers these days are growingly reluctant when it comes to revealing providers of specific parts of their vehicles (just as they don't openly admit to who supplies other subsystems and equipment), but obviously enough Fiat doesn't make LPG systems on its own. In Poland, where the Tipo is going to receive local dedicated conversions, with autogas systems fitted by Fiat's official service network, Tartarini components will be used.

Given the new Tipo's good looks and a promising combination of a lively engine and affordable fuel, the car should be a runaway success for Fiat. At least among more conservative buyers, who appreciate cars the way they used to be before the current SUV/crossover craze took over. With three bodystyles now available to choose from, everyone in need of a compact ride/family hauler should be able to find a Tipo to suit their taste and needs. All three variants – sedan, hatchback and estate – will be available with optional autogas conversions, so treat yourself to one!


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