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CNG cars in Czech in 2014

While in the European Union on average 0,4% of all cars are powered with compressed natural gas, in Czech Republic the percentage is even lower at 0,1%. However, the small Central European country is on its way to improve its ratings.
Assembly of the CNG-powered Skoda Octavia G-TEC© SkodaWith the debut of the Skoda Octavia G-TEC, the Czech NGV market has begun to grow

Even though the number of CNG-powered cars in Czech has grown 22-fold across the past 10 years, in terms of NGV market share the country is still behind the EU avearge. In 2014 the Czech market grew by 2100 vehicles, which was 1,02% of all newly registered cars, buses and trucks in that year. Among those 2100 vehicles there were 1888 passenger cars and light utility vehicles, accounting for 0,91% of their market segment. The second largest NGV group among vehicles sold last year were buses – 104 CNG-powered ones were registered in 2014, which this time means a 9,8% market share.

Right now, at the beginning of 2015, there are overall 8817 NGVs in Czech Republic, which is approx. 0,13% of all cars, buses and trucks registered there (6,7 million). Most NGVs in the country are passenger cars (7950 or 0,14% of all passenger cars). The second largest group of NGVs is that of buses – there are 527 such vehicles in Czech (2,64% of all buses). Of the remaining vehicles, 260 are forklifts and off-road tractors and 80 are CNG-powered refuse trucks.

Even though NGV market share is still very low, last year's sales exceeded our expectations. As a result, there are now nearly 9000 CNG-powered vehicles in Czech. Skoda alone sold 920 examples of the Octavia G-TEC and plans to sell another 1800 of them in 2015.

Jiří Šimek, vicepresident, Czech Gas Association (ČPS – Český Plynárenský Svaz)


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