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Bi-fuel autogas Ford F-650/F-750 ready

Alliance AutoGas has presented their newly developed Ford F-650/F-750 LPG conversion. The truck uses a Prins system and debuted during the NPGA Propane Expo in Atlanta. Sales will commence soon and high demand is expected.
Ford F-650 LPG© Alliance AutoGasNone of this would be possible in Europe - all trucks as big as the Ford F-650 are diesel-powered

According to Alliance AutoGas, the conversion requires no manifold drilling, cutting or splicing of wiring – it's enough to plug the Prins VSI components and you're good to go. It's simple and affordable, since this bi-fuel Ford truck cost less than its diesel and dedicated (monofuel) LPG counterparts. Still, it saves an impressive 30 percent of the fleet operating costs and, should need arise, could be refueled and driven on petrol if autogas runs out and there is no station in sight.

Alliance AutoGas also promises "best in class” warranty of five years or 100 thousand miles (approx. 160 thousand km), whichever comes first. They also claim the LPG system's "plug-and-play” character allows to cut conversion time from 12-14 hours required for older systems to about six. This is why the bi-fuel F-650/F-750 is more affordable than comparable diesel and LPG-only models.

As we reported previously, Alliance AutoGas is also working on a bi-fuel police vehicle based on the Ford Explorer, as well as on a Ford Transit van and an Isuzu NPR. All those cars are going to use the same plug-and-play system and same warranty conditions. Stay tuned for more!


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