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LPG wins hearts over at Cenex LCV 2016

Cenex LCV is an annual commercial vehicle show, allowing fleet managers to see and consider new cars and services appearing in the industry. The 2016 edition of the event was used by UKLPG to promote autogas as a way to cut costs and emissions.
Ford Transit Connect Kombi LPG at Cenex LCV 2016© Drive LPGLPG is out there waiting - go get it!

Contrary to what it may seem, LCV in the event's name doesn't stand for light commercial vehicles, but low carbon vehicles. So even though the show is aimed at fleet operators, it's all about reducing the carbon footprint. The 2016 edition, which took place on September 14-15, featured three LPG-powered cars on display – a Ford Transit Connect Kombi van, a SsangYong Tivoli compact SUV/crossover and a converted black cab. Their goal was to gauge interest in LPG as an alternative to petrol and diesel, both in terms of operating costs and exhaust gas emissions.

Having two road-ready vehicles that fleet managers can see, and drive, is a real step forward for LPG in being considered as a real alternative to diesel for fleet managers. These vehicles have been produced to determine the demand in the market and this is a positive step forward to raise awareness of LPG as an alternative to diesel fleet vehicles that are high in NOX emissions.

Rob Shuttleworth, chief executive of UKLPG

The key to autogas' success in the UK is to make fleet managers realise LPG is the alternative they have been looking for and one that they need. Electric vehicles may seem like the perfect choice on the surface as they do away with emissions completely, but they cannot cover large distances without having to stop for recharging (a procedure which takes substantial time). LPG autogas is available right here, right now and offers a 99 percent reduction in NOX emissions, among other benefits. Will fleet managers in the UK let the fuel steal their hearts? If not, it should at least appeal to their common sense!


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