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CNG scooters to conquer India?

Due to their low purchase and running costs, two-wheelers of all sorts remain the most popular vehicles sold in India today. To make them even more affordable to own, a government-backed conversion program is being developed.
Honda Activa CNG scooter© Catch NewsCheap is good, but cheaper is better!

The initiative is underway in New Delhi and involves two companies – Indraprastha Gas Ltd and Gail. For a start, 50 Honda Activa Scooters will be converted to run on compressed natural gas instead of petrol. In fact, an initial batch of 10 vehicles has already been handed over to the user – the two-wheelers will serve as pizza delivery means at a local Domino's Pizza restaurant. If the idea catches on, two more cities (Bengaluru and Pune) will soon follow in the steps of New Delhi.

The scooters are converted with CNG systems developed and delivered by Ituk Manufacturing India. The kits have been certified and approved by the ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India) authoritative body in terms of safety and environmental compliance. Each vehicle featured two CNG tanks (4,8 l gross capacity each), which allows to store 2 kg of compressed methane – enough to provide 120 km of range without refueling. Methane-powered two-wheelers cut hydrocarbon emissions by 75% and are considerably more economical than their equivalents running on petrol.


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