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More CNG-powered Hyundais in India

As far as we know, Hyundai offers no CNG-powered models in Europe or the US. Not yet, that is to say. However, since in India methane is a popular alternative to petrol, the line-up is adjusted accordingly. And it's just been expanded.
Hyundai Grand i10 and Xcent CNG leaflet© Hyundai IndiaThe DEDST abbreviation stands for Dual ECU Dynamic Sequential Technology, which is a fancy name for something not really so revolutionary

The two recently added models are the Grand i10 (essentially a second-generation i10 known in Europe, but with its wheelbase bumped up by 100 mm) and the Xcent (a four-door sedan variant of the Grand i10). Technologically speaking, they're actually the same car, so it was only logical that a CNG system would be offered on both simultaneously.

Under the bonnet of each lies a 1,2-litre, four-cylinder engine, mated to a five-speed manual gearbox. Power and torque figures are 70 PS (13 PS below the petrol-only model's, but the converted one is said to generate the same power on any fuel) and 116 Nm, respectively. The CNG conversion is a retrofit, but carried out at dealerships or workshops authorised by the manufacturer, so it doesn't affect the cars' unlimited mileage, 2-year warranty.

The official fuel economy figure stands at 4,17 kg/5,57 m3 of CNG per 100 km. Tank capacity is not known, but the price of the conversion is – it's 62 thousand rupies (approx. 945 US dollars). Dealers already accept orders on the Grand i10 and Xcent CNG.


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