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Number of CNG cars up in Colombia

According to data published by Gas Natural Fenosa, in the departments of Colombia where the company is present the number of CNG conversions in 2014 was by 6% bigger than in 2013. Not a revolution maybe, but a steady growth nonetheless.
Gas Natural Fenosa's CNG station in Colombia© NGV JournalOne of Gas Natural Fenosa's 65 CNG stations

Gas Natural Fenosa operates in the following departments (administrative regions of Colombia): Bogota, Boyacá, Cundinamarca and Santander. The overall number of conversions to CNG in these regions in 2014 was 20310, which means a year prior, in 2013, 19160 vehicles were adapted to run on methane. Vast majority of the conversions were done in the cities of Bogota, Chia, Zipaquirá and Ubaté. Another 1220 CNG systems were fitted in Bucaramanga and Barrancabermeja, with 247 more in Chiquinquirá, Duitama, Sogamoso and Tunja. Over 32% of all converted vehicles were taxis, while further 26% were delivery cars.

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Gas Natural Fenosa owns 65 of Colombia's 800 CNG refueling stations

The figure provided by Gas Natural Fenosa (20310) is said to represent 34% of all conversions carried out in Colombia in 2014, which means the overall figure for the entire country was approx. 59700. Currently there are some 500 thousand CNG-powered vehicles in Colombia, which means more and more individual drivers and companies see the environmental, social and economic benefits of using methane instead of conventional fuels. The figures are expected to grow further in 2015.


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