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Diesel-gas car in Monte Carlo New Energy rally

Once again an Elpigaz Rally Team car will tackle the hardships and charms of the Monte Carlo New Energy rally. Driven by Paweł Szołek Stefanicki and co-driven by Konrad Ustarbowski, this year's contender will be a diesel-gas one!
Fiat 500 1,3 Multijet in Elpigaz livery© ElpigazThe diesel-gas Fiat 500 showcases diesel blending technology, but also makes a statement in terms of environmental performance

Competing in the Monte Carlo New Energy rally is obviously about clocking in before others do, just like pretty much any other rally on the planet, but also, unlike most rallies, about using as little energy as possible. Plus, the energy has to come from an alternative source. LPG- and CNG-powered cars are welcome, as are hybrids and EVs.

Apart from typically special stages, where shortest possible time is the key, there are also road stages – driving between two given points without navigation or maps. Teams are given the destination and a simplified description of the route, so they must concentrate hard – each mistake means extra distance and extra energy, affecting the final result.

This year Elpigaz, an autogas system and component manufacturer from Gdansk, Poland, brought a Fiat 500 1,3 JTD Multijet to the rally. The car's 95 PS oil burner has been converted to partially run on LPG with Elpigaz' Vela Diesel system. Since autogas only replaces some of the of the original fuel, it makes do with a 16-litre net capacity LPG tank. Other components include: a two-injector Bianco rail, a Cometa-I reducer, an exhaust gas temperature sensor, knock sensors, a MAP sensor and a fuel level sensor.

This particular conversion uses LPG as the gaseous fuel to be blended with diesel, but the Vela Diesel system also allows to use all kinds of methane instead – CNG, LNG or biogas. Even a converted engine runs on diesel only under some circumstances, e. g. in idle gear, during engine braking and under maximum RPM. Still, financial and environmental advantages are said to be substantial.


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