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75 CNG buses coming to Miskolc, Hungary

75 new MAN Lion's City single and articulated buses will soon be delivered to Miskolc, Hungary's fourth biggest city. The vehicles will replace old diesel-powered ones to help improve the city's air quality and cut MVK's (local public transport operator's) fuel costs.
MAN Lion's City - Bus of the Year 2015© MAN35 such buses (plus 40 single ones) will soon enter duty in Miskolc, Hungary, replacing old diesel-powered vehicles

MAN will deliver 40 single and 35 articulated buses to the Hungarian city, because the company won a tender held in late 2014. Miskolc will take delivery of the vehicles later in 2015. This is a major deal, since MVK operates approx. 100 buses overall (apart from a certain number of trams). Now a total 75 of them will be scrapped and replaced with newer, cleaner and greener CNG-powered people carriers.

The idea of replacing Miskolc's aging bus fleet was conceived as early as 2011, but took three years to come to fruition. Meanwhile, a government subsidy was funded and 30% of the project will be covered from it. To add a "green” factor to the entire initiative, the state subsidy comes from surplus of Hungary's CO2 quota.

Miskolc doesn't have a CNG station, but construction of a 6-lane facility will commence soon. It will primarily serve the new bus fleet, but as local companies (and the general public) are encouraged to switch from conventional fuels to natural gas, it may be of broader use in the future. The station will have a capacity of 1400 m3/h and will become operational in 6 months' time. Later on, biogas may be added to the fuel mix.


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