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EMT Madrid buys 170 gas-powered buses

By late 2019, all the buses operated by EMT, the Madrid public transit authority, are set to be environmentally friendly. To this end, 700 alternatively powered vehicles will have been purchased between 2016 and 2018.
EMT Madrid's newly purchased CNG-powered buses© EMT MadridEMT Madrid is making a big investment to cut its operating costs and corporate emissions. Way to go!

In the first stage of the fleet renewal scheme 200 buses, with a collective value of 63,6 million euros, were delivered and entered duty. The remaining 500 vehicles will follow across 2017 and 2018. As of now, with only stage one complete, Euro 5, Euro 6 and EEV compliant city buses already constitute 76% of EMT's fleet (1530 vehicles altogether). By 2019, when all 700 planned new buses enter service, the rate will be 100%.

With this significant addition, the buses' average age will drop from over 9 years now to below 7 in 2019. Of the 200 vehicles already purchased, vast majority (170) are CNG-powered, with the remaining 30 being hybrids. Of those 170, 130 are 12-metre vehicles, including 46 Castrosua-bodied Scania N-280s (13,6 million euros), 42 Burillo-bodied MANs Lion's Citys (12 million euros) and 42 Mercedes Citaro NGTs (12,2 million euros). The remaining 40 are articulated, 18-metre variants of the Citaro NGT (15,6 million euros).

CNG-powered buses already account for approx. 50% of all the buses operated by EMT. When the replacement process is complete, the rate is bound to rise even higher.


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