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Promoting alternative fuels in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvanian Department of Environmental Protection has announced a subsidy project for alternatively-fueled vehicles. The Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant scheme (AFIG) will provide 10 million dollars to assist in the purchase of vehicles powered by gaseous fuels, among others.

It is addressed to companies and organizations who are interested in buying or replacing passenger cars and light commercial vehicles with alternatively-fueled ones.

Grants to convert cars to run on natural gas are available for users of vehicles weighing up to 14 thousand pounds (6350 kg). As for electric vehicles, those fueled with LPG and other alternative fuels, under the Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant program (AFIG) all parties interested can apply for reimbursement of purchase of vehicles of any size.

The program does not apply to road vehicles only. One can apply for a refund of natural gas-fueled railway and marine vehicles as well.

The initiation of the Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant program (AFIG) is based on the 178 Act of 2004 that implies funding various types of alternatively fueled transportation to reduce dependence on imported oil and reduce the effect of its use on the environment.

Following the submission of relevant documents one can count on the following incentives (depending on vehicle):

  • $ 3000 for plug-in hybrids cars or EV's equipped with batteries with a capacity of more than 10 kWh,
  • $ 1000 for plug-in hybrids cars or EV's equipped with batteries with a capacity of less than 10 kWh,
  • $ 1000 for cars factory-equipped to run on compressed natural gas,
  • $ 1000 for vehicles powered with LPG,
  • $ 1000 for vehicles using hydrogen and fuel cells,
  • $ 500 for electric motorcycles and scooters.

Incentives are allocated on a "first come, first served" basis and do not include leased vehicles. Applications for funding should be submitted within six months of vehicle purchase.


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