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50 Stralises LNG Natural Power Euro 6 for LC3

LC3, a logistics company from Italy, specialised in transporting containers and controlled-temperature cargo, has ordered 50 Iveco Stralis LNG Natural Power trucks, powered with liquefied natural gas.
Iveco Stralis LNG Natural Power Euro 6© IvecoIveco Stralis LNG Natural Power Euro 6 truck tractor

After the launch of Italy's first ever LNG refueling station in Piacenza, LC3 has become the first Italian company to buy and introduce Stralis LNG Natural Power trucks to its fleet. The vehicle is powered by a 330 PS Cursor 8 engine developed and manufactured by FPT (Fiat Powertrain Technologies). The unit complies to the stringent Euro 6 emissions standard. The Stralis features a cryogenic LNG tank with a capacity of 510 l and four CNG tanks (70 l each) storing gaseous fuel at a 20 MPa pressure. All this translates into an estimated range of 750 km, which means the vehicles may be successfully used for mid- and long-distance hauling.

Employing LNG-powered vehicles means a number of advantages for both the environment and the operator, including fuel cost reduction of up to 40%. Emissions-wise, methane engines are much less harmful than their diesel counterparts as they spew out 95% less particulate matter and by 35% less nitrogen oxides. Furthermore, utilising Stralis LNG trucks helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 10 to 100% (the latter is possible if the engine runs on renewable biomethane). Switching from diesel to gas means also reducing the level of noise by 5 dB on average, which makes CNG- and LNG-powered vehicles perfectly cut out for garbage removal and nighttime distribution.

Iveco is a leading European methane-powered vehicle manufacturer. There are more than 200 Stralises LNG on the roads already, primarily in Spain and the Netherlands, since LNG refueling infrastructure is best developed in those countries.


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