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Fluxys and Eric Mattheeuws turn to LNG

Another transit operator invests in a fleet fueled by liquefied natural gas (LNG). This time it’s a Belgian company, Eric Mattheeuws Transport.

The switchover to LNG means a drastic reduction in emissions from the trucks and has considerable financial advantages as well. We have developed a unique partnership with Fluxys, Eni, Volvo Trucks and Romac Fuels to promote LNG as a valid alternative to bio-petroleum. The initial tests are very promising.

Eric Mattheeuws

The company invested 2.5 mln euro in 26 LNG-fueled vehicles (Volvo FM dual fuel equipped with Clean Air Power gas supply systems) and an LNG station (along with Fluxys – operator of gas transmission network in Belgium and an LNG terminal in Zeebrugge). The station will be built at the company’s headquarters in Veurne and will start operating in the summer of 2014. This initiative is an important step that will help in popularizing LNG as a fuel for transport companies in Belgium.

For Fluxys, this station is a pilot facility, which will allow the company to gain experience. This will be very valuable when the company starts building new stations.

Transporters are holding off on switching to LNG for lack of filling stations and no filling stations are being built because there are no customers. By joining forces with transporter Eric Mattheeuws, we are breaking this vicious circle and lowering the threshold for other transporters to make the switch to LNG as a sustainable alternative to diesel.

Walter Peeraer, Fluxys CEO

This LNG filling station will store liquefied natural gas in a 60 m3 tank. All permits related to the construction of the station were granted, so this process will start soon. Liquefied natural gas will be supplied by cisterns from LNG terminal in Zeerbrugge. The station will serve all LNG-powered vehicles owned by Eric Mattheeuws. Vehicles operated by other carriers will also be able to use the facility.


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