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250 Iveco Stralis NPs for Perrenot Group

The Perrenot Group is a French transport services provider, offering its solutions both in the country and outside. The company's fleet currently includes 6000 vehicles, of which 3500 are motor ones. A large number of methane-powered trucks has just been added.
Iveco Stralis NP© IvecoLNG allows truck tractors cover similar distances without refueling as diesel-powered equivalents do, but with an unparalleled environmental record

The company has been a customer of Iveco's since 1960. Currently the Perrenot Group's fleet includes 1500 Iveco vehicles, of which 750 are truck tractors. Biomethane-powered trucks entered service at the company in 2012 and a year later refridgerator vehicles utilising liquid nitrogen were added. In 2014 the first trucks running on LNG (liquefied natural gas) began working for the Group.

Perrenot has recently ordered 250 more Iveco Stralis trucks. 200 of them will be the new Stralis NP tractors featuring Iveco's latest methane-powered Cursor 9 engines offering 400 PS, while the remaining 50 will be Stralis NPs with 330 PS Cursor 8 units. Distribution trucks will run on compressed natural gas (CNG), while tractors on LNG. The latter ones, thanks to storing fuel in much denser liquefied form (in two tanks per vehicle), will boast ranges of up to 1500 km.

Today we are taking a key step in our development thanks to Iveco’s advanced natural gas technology – and in particular the brand’s new 400 hp engine. Combined with the dual LNG tank configuration, which increases the tractor’s range to 1500 km, this opens up new business opportunities for us, especially in long-distance transport operations. The exceptional performance of the new Stralis NP confirms we made the right choice with Iveco’s natural gas technology as the best alternative to diesel fuel, both economically and environmentally.

Jacky Perrenot, President and founder, Perrenot Group


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