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Landi Renzo in LEAM Drilling's CNG fleet

LEAM Drilling, a service provider in the field of – guess what! – drilling, has invested in eco-friendly vehicles. CNG-powered trucks, equipped with Landi Renzo natural gas fuel systems, have recently been added to the company's fleet.
A CNG-powered Ford F-550 converted with a Landi Renzo system© Nat GA CNG-powered Ford F-550 converted by Nat G with a Landi Renzo system

LEAM Drilling, whose fleet is provided and maintained by Pegasus NGV, supplies necessary gear and technology to oil fields in Oklahoma and Texas. The company has been using natural gas-powered vehicles since 2010, when the first four medium duty trucks joined the fleet.

Two more vehicles were added in September 2014, so now the fleet includes 20 CNG trucks overall. In 2013, when Landi Renzo began its cooperation with vehicle conversion specialist Nat G, LEAM Drilling's fleet included 18 vehicles.

Nat G remains LEAM Drilling's partner as far as vehicle conversion is concerned. The company has a Ford Qualified Vehicle Modifier status and is Landi Renzo's authorised system installer.


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