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Landi Renzo's R&D centre awarded

Specialist motoring magazine Automotive Testing Technology International has once again awarded motoring companies on grounds of innovation and technological advancement. Landi Renzo is among this year's edition's winners.
Landi Renzo's R&D centre© Landi RenzoAn environmentally-friendly building in which environmentally-friendly fuel systems are developed and tested - that's how it should be

The Italian manufacturer of LPG and CNG fuel systems and components competed in the Engine Test Facility of the Year category. In the final battle the R&D centre, erected in Cavriago, Italy, at the cost of 32 million euros, managed to beat other shortlisted contenders, including Catagen (Belfast, Northern Ireland), Mugen Auto (Milton Keynes, England) and Skoda Engine Center (Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic). The final round was very even, with lots of head-to-head competition, but in the end Landi Renzo's facility secured victory by a thin margin of points.

What helped the Italian company win? The fact that the company develops fuel systems utilising eco-friendly substitutes of petrol and diesel (primarily LPG and CNG, but also hydromethane – mixture of hydrogen and methane – and pure hydrogen) was definitely a factor, but so was the building's "organic”, energy-saving structure and enhancements, including solar panels on the roof and heat recuperation systems inside. This way not only does the Cavriago centre help develop "green” products, but also it is easy on the environment itself. Congratulations on the award!


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