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© Fraikin / Mikona's Iveco Daily CNG vans poprzednie następne
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First NGVs from Fraikin Slovakia

First NGVs from Fraikin Slovakia © Fraikin

Fraikin has leased first CNG-powered vehicles in Slovakia. The NGVs will be used by a local tyre industry leader – Mikona. For now the fleet is rather modest and comprises only two Iveco Daily Natural Power vans, but that will change.

The Dailies will serve Mikona's three divisions around Slovakia's capital – Bratislava. In choosing Fraikin's offer, the company had mostly economic aspects in mind and the optimal solution was chosen. The cars will be leased over a 4-year period, during which Fraikin will also deliver and provide technical and maintenance support, as well as insurance and assistance – all included in one constant leasing payment.

Two Iveco Daily Natural Power vans leased by Mikona from Fraikin Slovakia© FraikinTwo's a company, but Mikona plans to lease more CNG-powered vans

Gaseous fuels are the best alternative for diesel as they provide transport viability rise by up to 20 percent. This results primarily from lower fuel costs, allowing to demonstrate economic benefits from the very first months of application. Mikona has found additional arguments in favour of using Daily CNG vans: full control over fuel use and certainty that all tasks will be completed thanks to the vans' capacious methane tanks.

Drivers praise the new vehicles for their quietly running engines, which is yet another advantage of CNG. In 2015 Mikona plans to expand their CNG fleet, also by cooperating with Fraikin Slovakia. And speaking of Fraikin, the company plans to start leasing CNG vehicles and refueling infrastructure in Poland in 2015. The offer is addressed to production companies, local and national distributors of goods, waste management companies and transit authorities. The CNG fleet will be supported by Fraikin's own CNG refueling station, tailored to the users' individual expectations and needs. Station maintenance and gas supplies will be provided by Fraikin.

The Fraikin solution is a revolution for the Polish market. We offer our customers a comprehensive solution with a single monthly payment. Fleet operators begin to see the advantages of CNG as it combines economy with outstanding environmental performance.

Artur Nowicki, Fraikin Poland


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