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© Green Hybrid Cup / Top 3 drivers of the first race at Vallelunga: 1. Jimmy Ghionne, 2. Jacopo Lombardelli, 3. Giuseppe Gulizia poprzednie następne
Sector: LPG

Green Hybrid Cup 2014 - Vallelunga round

Green Hybrid Cup 2014 - Vallelunga round © Green Hybrid Cup

First two races of this year’s Green Hybrid Cup are already behind us. Jacopo Lombardelli was second in both races and is the first leader of the general classification of this competition and – at the same time – of the Italian Championship (Campionato Italiano Energie Alternative).

Good to know

Drivers use 14 identical hybrid Kia Venga cars powered by LPG, delivered by BRC Racing Team. They compete under the banners of different teams and the cars are drawn before each race so that all drivers have even chances. This year, turbo-compressors are used to increase engine (1600 cm3) power up to 160 PS. An additional 25 PS is supplied by 2 electric engines placed on the rear axle. So this season, the cars have 185 PS at their disposal. Different tires are also in use this year. Yokohama tires have been replaced by Michelins.

Qualifying session for the first race took place on 3 May 2014 and was won by Paolo Gnemmi, who won pole position by getting the best lap time with 2:06.714s. Jacopo Lombardelli  placed second (2:06.759), this year’s newcomer Gabriele Torelli was third (2:06.801), with Jimmy Ghione right behind him (2:06.857).

The season’s first race (4 May 2014) was dominated by Jimmy Ghione, who took the lead right after the start and stayed in front of Lombardelli, Giuseppe Gulizia and Gnemmi. Torelli – who was taking part in his first Green Hybrid Cup race – made a mistake and had to visit the service line. He finished the race on the 8th place. Jimmy Ghionne won, with Jacopo Lombardelli and Giuseppe Gulizia behind him.

The second race took place on the same day, in the afternoon. According to the competition rules, first 8 drivers started in reverse order compared to their places in the first race.

Green Hybrid Cup 2014 Vallelunga - medal awarding ceremony after race 2© Green Hybrid CupTop 3 drivers of the second race at Vallelunga: 1. Gabriele Torelli, 2. Jacopo Lombardelli, 3. Andrea Portatadino

Gabriele Torelli made good use of his pole position that he got by finishing eight in the first race, and dominated the race start to finish. Behind him there was a real battle for the remaining spots on the podium between Trette, Lombardelli and Portatadino.

Gabriele Torelli won the race, his native Jacopo Lombardelli placed second, with Andrea Portatadino finishing third. Jimmy Ghione had to chase the leaders from his last place and managed to finish fourth. Formula 1 veteran Arturo Merzario also got his first Green Hybrid Cup points, finishing seventh.

Next Green Hybrid Cup 2014 races will take place on 24-25 May at Tor Poznań.

For the results of the first two races at Vallelunga, plus individual and team general standings after the first part of the Green Hybrid Cup 2014 competition, go to the next page.

. Results of both races at Vallelunga and the general standings (individual and team) after the first elimination (two races) of Green Hybrid Cup 2014.. Results of race 1:. Results of race 2:. Driver. Points. Driver. Points. 1. Jimmi Ghione. 27. 1. Gabriele Torelli. 25. 2. Jacopo Lombardelli. 22. 2. Jacopo Lombardelli. 18. 3. Giuseppe Gulizia. 15. 3. Andrea Portatadino. …

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