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BRC Green Hybrid Cup 2013 - awards ceremony

BRC Green Hybrid Cup 2013 - awards ceremony © BRC Green Hybrid Cup

BRC Green Hybrid Cup race winners were awarded on 21 December 2013 in Cherasco during a ceremony that concluded the 2013 season. The prizes were Kia Picanto and scooters.
Winners of the 2013 BRC Green Hybrid Cup© BRC Green Hybrid CupThe winners of 2013 BRC Green Hybrid Cup. Left of Alessandra Brena is Marco Brioschi, on her right stands Jimmy Ghione

Alessandra Brena – the winner of last year’s BRC Green Hybrid Cup – was awarded Kia Picanto 1.0, funded by the Korean brand’s Italian importer, Kia Motors Italia. The winner of the 2012 season, who placed second in the final standings of 2013 – Jimmy Ghione – got a 250 cm3 scooter. The third racer of 2013 BRC Green Hybrid CupMarco Brioschi – got a 125 cm3 scooter. The scooters were funded by BRC.

During the ceremony hosted by Jimmy Ghione and Gianfranco Butinar – a popular Italian impersonator, actor and comedian – a new book was presented that sums up the whole 2013 season of BRC Green Hybrid Cup. It was published by BRC and EditVallardi (publishing house that specializes in publishing motorsport-related books).

A draft schedule for the BRC Green Hybrid Cup 2014 season was also presented. It includes 6 races:

  • 4 May – Vallelunga (Italy),
  • 25 May – Tor Poznań (Poland),
  • 29 June – Imola (Italy),
  • 2 August – Nürburgring (Germany),
  • 7 September – Varano (Italy),
  • 28 September – Pergusa (Italy).


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