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Green Hybrid Cup 2014 - Poznan conquered!

FLESZ Green Hybrid Cup 2014 - Poznan conquered! ©

Just like in the 2013 season, one of the rounds of the BRC Green Hybrid Cup racing series was held at the Poznan Circuit, Poland. Our full coverage of the event is in the works, so meanwhile enjoy a photo gallery with some highlights.
On-track fight in the BRC Green Hybrid Cup at Poznan Circuit© gazeo.comWhat would racing be without a bit of burned rubber?

The Poznan round was this season's second, the first being the one at Vallelunga a couple of weekends before. Still, it was very promising in terms of on-track emotion and competition, since the leader of general standings, Jacopo Lombardelli, was only two points ahead the runner-up – the experienced Jimmy Ghione. Two points are as good as nothing at the beginning of the season, so everybody knew pretty much anything could happen. And indeed, a lot did happen, but we're not going to spill the beans just now – you'll have to wait until we unveil the full coverage, which will be soon, though. Then you'll know who won each of the two Sunday races, how the general standings have been affected and which cars returned from the track bruised and battered. In the meantime, let us share our first impressions with you. Fasten your seatbelts and hold tight!


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