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Number of LNG buses in Beijing goes up

Over a thousand buses adapted to run on natural gas started to work in public transport of Chinese capital – Beijing.

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In 2011, the company that operates public transportation in Beijing (Beijing Public Transport Holdings) had more than 28 thousand buses that handled 948 lines.

27 bus lines in Beijing and its suburbs (Tongzhou, Changping, Shunyi, Pinggu, Huairou and Daxing) will be operated by 1080 new buses powered by LNG. These vehicles are characterized by particulate matter emission levels close to zero, and they gradually replace diesel-powered buses. Each bus has a 300-400 liter LNG tank which is enough for a whole day of work, during which each bus covers about 500 kilometers.

Currently, Beijing operates 1893 LNG-powered buses. Plans for 2014 include adapting more buses to natural gas (1600 to LNG and 351 to CNG).


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