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LPG in the Benelux: autogas in depression

LPG in the Benelux: autogas in depression ©

Contrary to what the title may suggest, the autogas sector in Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg is far from the state of recession. Chances are, however, that when you buy autogas in one of the above countries, you may come across a filling station located in depression, i. e. below sea level. Is it worthwhile to go to Benelux just for that reason? Maybe not, but if you are going anyway, please take a few tips.
Placing the Dutch bayonet nozzle on the adapter© gazeo.comPlace, twist and clamp - operating the bayonet nozzle could be a tad easier

Holland is one of European autogas sector's cradles and autogas is still strong there. 1900 out of the country's 3000 fuel stations offer LPG as motor fuel, including (according to VVG – the local LPG association) all forecourts located along major highways. Autogas is 0,84 euro per litre on average, while petrol is almost by 1 euro per litre more expensive (at 1,82 euro/l), so it would be unreasonable (if not ouright crazy) to disregard LPG. However, be mentally ready to operate the bayonet filling nozzle coupling, which is not particularly user-friendly and you will not be assisted when refilling (self-service is the standard). It is not particularly difficult after all, but if you are used to ACME or Italian dish standards, you will need a few tries to get accustomed. For a partial map of stations, go here.

Uncoupling an ACME filling nozzle© gazeo.comThe ACME standard is safe and user-friendly

The Benelux is also Belgium and Luxembourg, so let us take a look at them, too. Buying autogas is not a problem in either country and prices are attractive – 0,65 euro/l in Belgium and 0,61 euro/l in Luxembourg (petrol is 1,63 and 1,34 euro/l, respectively). Infrastructure is good enough, too (see list of stations here and here). Should you find the number of autogas retailers in Luxembourg ridiculously small, do remember that the country is a grand duchy only by its name. True, 10 stations per 2586 square km of surface may be few, but should suffice for a passer-by tourist. In Belgium, where, by the way, the locally-invented ACME coupling standard is used, you will not need to strain your neck looking around for LPG stations, as they are far more common than those in Luxembourg.

Like Germany, the Benelux is a part of Europe rarely chosen as a final holiday destination. However, if you are traveling from the UK to the continent or the other way round, you are bound to be passing through at least one Benelux country (unless you are not). Should you be after all, we hope you will find our little bits and pieces of advice useful and helpful. Drive safe!


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