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SsangYong bets on BRC in Italy

BRC will supply autogas systems to be fitted on SsangYong Tivoli crossovers available on the Italian market. Conversions will be performed on both brand new cars and those already in use, should their drivers wish to make the switch.
SsangYong Tivoli© SsangYongWith 128 PS under the bonnet, the Tivoli won't exactly be able to race with Porsche Macans, but with an autogas system it will be so much more economical...

Autogas systems will be offered on petrol-powered examples of the Tivoli featuring manual transmission. The converted engine is an MPI-type one – it features indirect (port-type) multipoint petrol injection to the individual channels of the intake manifold. This means the unit may be converted with a proven and simple 4th generation autogas system (sequential vapour state LPG injection) and that's exactly what BRC will provide to SsangYong in Italy.

The Korean crossover's engine is a 1,6-litre unit, featuring variable valve timing (for both intake and exhaust valves) and generating 128 PS and 6000 RPM and 160 Nm of power at 4600 RPM. SsangYong's Italian dealerships already accept orders from customers and conversions will be carried out individually, at SsangYong's authorised service and maintenance stations, by qualified installers. Hopefully this practice will spread to other countries where the Tivoli is offered.


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