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Italy goes self-service with LPG and CNG

Self-service LPG and CNG refueling has been commonplace in most European countries for years. Surprisingly enough, Italy – despite being one of the cradles for gaseous fuel use – is just about to introduce it.
Refueling a car with CNG in Italy© Erdgas FahrenThumbs up for Italy for the DIY approach!

The breakthrough date is the end of April, 2014. Applicable regulations have been changed by two ministries in charge – the one for economic development and the one for internal affairs – and now nothing can stand in the way of allowing CNG/LPG-powered cars to refill their tanks on their own. It's all within their hands – literally and metaphorically!

The two ministries, represented by ministers Federica Guidi and Angelino Alfano, respectively, have signed two appropriate decrees (one for LPG and one for CNG) in order to modify the provisions of the law and allow motorists to refuel with gaseous fuels without the assistance of fuel station attendants.

For the changes to become effective, several conditions need to be met. For example, stations offering self-service refueling are required to be equipped with CCTV surveillance systems for safety. Also, LPG/CNG dispensers have to be modified to display all the steps to be taken in order to refill without assistance. Instructions for what to do in case of emergency must be included, too.


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