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LPG systems for Isuzu NPR CARB-certified

An autogas system developed by Campbell-Parnell for Isuzu NPR HD cabover trucks has received California Air Resources Board's certification. Sales will commence soon and so the market offer of LPG-powered commercial vehicles will grow.
Isuzu NPR HD© Isuzu CVCab-over-engine trucks aren't particularly popular in the US, but LPG conversion may be an extra advantage

The Campbell-Parnell LPG system has been developed for either dual-fuel or bi-fuel applications, i. e. diesel-LPG blending or running petrol engines on LPG alone without eliminating the petrol fuel system. The system will be provided by Georgia Gas Distributors in Sandy Springs. The company plans to market the product in the Atlanta metro area before possibly moving further in the future.

The engine featured on the Isuzu NPR HD (the only petrol-powered truck in its class, as it is advertised) is not as Japanese as the brand name of the vehicle could suggest, though – it's a General Motors V8 unit displacing 6 l. The conversion kit promises to use some advanced technology, but judging on the data provided we'd say it's a typical vapour state port injection LPG system – it uses its own ECU to calculate the appropriate autogas dose and comply with the vehicle's on-board diagnostics' requirements. Also featured are Campbell-Parnell's I-Plus LPG injectors. Good luck to the new product – the more autogas systems available on the market, the better!


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Robert Markowski
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