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LPG engine conversions EPA-approved

Blossman Services Inc., Alliance AutoGas' equipment developer, has received the Environmental Protection Agency's approval to convert trucks and buses powered by Ford's and GM's V8 and V10 engines to LPG autogas. Read the full story inside.

The engines in question here – the Ford 6,8-litre V10 and GM's 6-litre V8 units – are already proving popular among LPG system installers and commercial vehicle buyers. In fact, they appear in many trucks and buses we have covered recently, including the Isuzu NPR, Ford F-450, F-550 and F-650. Chevrolet Express and Workhorse, Freightliner Custom Chassis and the Blue Bird Propane Vision school bus, among others. The newly awarded certification applies to vehicles manufactured between 2010 and 2016.

Conversion costs nearly half the cost of diesel options on these platforms. Our bi-fuel propane autogas solution can be retrofitted into in use vehicles or converted prior to in-service through our installation network.

Ed Hoffman, president of Blossman Services

Since the engines have been in use for some time already, gaining EPA approval by Blossman Services was probably just a matter of time. And with another autogas systems integrator now allowed to convert them, trucks, buses, street sweepers and what not motivated by those two proven units will become even more popular. Given that LPG is primarily used by fleets in the US, even infrastructure deficiencies shouldn't stop the fuel from wider adoption, since company cars are usually refueled at internal, on-the-premises stations.


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