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Isuzu NPR HD LPG ready for action

The bi-fuel (petrol-autogas) Isuzu NPR HD cabover truck is ready for market debut. It has been officially unveiled by PERC – the Propane Education and Research Council. That's one more way for truck fleet operators to cut their costs and emissions.
Isuzu NPR HD LPG© PERCThe autogas tank visible on the side of the frame seems big enough to provide reasonable range, but no details regarding capacity have been disclosed

We've announced the vehicle before and now it's here, ready to haul some serious cargo at next to no cost at all. Power and torque are provided by a 6-litre V8 engine sourced from General Motors and savings come courtesy of a Campbell-Parnell bi-fuel autogas system. Since it's bi-fuel, it starts up on petrol and switches over to LPG as soon as it warms up. While this slightly undercuts savings compared to dedicated, LPG-only solutions, on the upside bi-fuel systems allow to use petrol every time autogas runs out and there's nowhere to refuel.

The autogas system has been installed by Georgia Gas Distributors, a company from Sandy Springs. Steve Newman, program manager of alternative fuel vehicles at GGD, called the LPG-powered Isuzu NPR HD a "game-changer”. Admittedly, the truck is the only vehicle in its class offering an autogas system (having previously been the only petrol-powered one), but other than that it's pretty much just a cab-over-engine medium-duty commercial vehicle like thousands of them out there. Nonetheless, we're happy to see yet another addition to the ever growing US autogas market.


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