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Greenkraft's LPG/CNG system EPA/CARB-certified

Greenkraft is an American truck brand already familiar to readers. The company has obtained EPA and CARB certifications and is now free to market the vehicles across the country. Both LPG and CNG variants are available.
Greenkraft's CNG truck© Greenkraft TrucksThe glider is Chinese, but the engine and the fuel are American. Fair enough, we suppose

Greenkraft uses roughly the same modus operandi as Alkane – the company fits Isuzu or JAC (a Chinese truck company) gliders with General Motors' 6-litre V8 engines and converts them to run on LPG autogas or CNG (compressed methane). 250 Greenkraft-converted Isuzus have already been sold in California.

The GM engine used by the company is suitable for vehicles with 14500 pounds (ca. 6525 kg) GVW (gross vehicle weight) or more. Various tank configurations are available, including back-of-the-cab and side-frame packages, depending on the body style and customer's preference. Let's hope dropping fuel price don't interfere with Greenkraft's sales targets.

Our system is completely tested and undergoes extreme conditions to ensure product durability and road validation.

Frank Ziegler, Greenkraft’s director of sales


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