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Ford E-350 LPG - gassy chassis

The Ford E-450 is a popular base for minibuses in the USA. Now ROUSH CleanTech, a company known as the developer and provider of autogas conversion technology for the Blue Oval, has prepared a kit for the smaller E-350.

Proven technology

So far, over 1000 LPG-powered Ford E-450s converted with ROUSH CleanTech's systems have been unleashed on the US and are in use across the nation. However, it has been noted that for some operators a smaller vehicle could perfectly suffice and that's why a conversion kit for the E-350 has been developed. As long as the petrol-only version was the sole available variant, some fleets opted for the bigger E-450, since it made more sense economically to feed a bigger truck with autogas than a smaller with petrol, but now operators will be able to choose a vehicle best suiting their real needs, without worrying about the running costs.

Ford E-350 LPG© auto-gas.netPlacing the LPG tanks on the rear overhang is the perfect solution for a commercial vehicle - this way the cargo space remains untouched

Multitude of applications

The E-350 will be offered as a cutaway chassis cab, that is a chassis with a cab without the back wall, with single or dual rear wheels. This will form the perfect base for Type A school buses or minibuses, as well as delivery vans for the food and drink industry or parcel distribution. Power, torque and towing capacity are the same as in the petrol-only equivalent and so are conditions of Ford's factory warranty.

Engine straight out of a heavy-duty truck

The conversion-ready Ford E-350s are motivated by engines that from European perspective seem as least two times too big – 6,8 l of capacity and 10 cylinders in V setup are not parameters commonly associated with a city delivery van on the Old Continent. However, the number of valves is rather modest at just two per cylinder. LPG-powered examples of the E-350 will be EPA- and CARB-certified and thanks to the conversion, each and every one of them will cut CO2 emissions by 40,5 tonnes over the course of its lifetime. And don't forget the economical advantages – autogas in the US is cheaper by 40% than petrol and by 50% cheaper than diesel, all the while generating lower maintenance costs thanks to cleaner combustion of the gaseous fuel.

Buy now, get it later

The order books for the 2018 Ford E-350 LPG are now open at ROUSH CleanTech, with deliveries set to commence in late spring, 2018. When fleets receive their trucks and put them to use, we expect to hear of them a lot, so stay tuned!


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