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Ford E-450 V10 gains new LPG system

If you happen to live in California and you're looking for a durable workhorse of a van generating low fuel bills, look no further. If you don't, though, don't be discouraged and feel free to read more about the new Ford-based market offering.
Ford E-450 V10 chassis cab© auto-gas.netSame performance, reduced fuel costs, improved durability and lower maintenance bills - all thanks to LPG

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has certified ICOM North America's latest autogas system (one using liquid state LPG injection) for converting V10 engines used on Ford E-450 vans and chassis cabs. The platform is vastly popular across the state (and the entire country, as a matter of fact), since it underpins countless shuttle vehicles and small buses. But offering the conversion kit is far from being all that ICOM does regarding the E-450 V10...

Having partnered with UPAS (United Propane Autogas Solutions Group), the LPG system's manufacturer will offer customers who want to convert their E-450s using the new kit a hassle-free solution to reduce time and money spent on fitting autogas systems and maintaining them. The package of services includes the conversion, providing fuel supplies (and refueling infrastructure, if necessary) and technical support.

Autogas is the optimum alternative fuel solution for shuttle and para-transit bus fleet owners in California looking to significantly reduce operating costs and improve their emissions profiles. There are several key Autogas benefits such as dramatic fuel cost savings per gallon compared to gasoline or diesel; extensive LPG fuelling infrastructure currently available in Central and Southern California; and significant reduction of greenhouse and particulate matter emissions.

Jon Van Bogart, ICOM’s Fleet Development Specialist

While using gas-guzzling V10 engines may not be the best idea these days, it's still better to convert them to LPG autogas than to use diesels instead. Besides, under the "One Ford" policy, outdated E-series vans and chassis cabs will eventually be phased out and replaced with European-developed Transits. The latter feature smaller V6 engines, which can be converted to run on LPG as well, so the benefits are going to be two-fold – more economical power units and significantly cheaper fuel. But for now, we give two thumbs up to ICOM's conversion and maintenance package for the E-450.


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