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Ford F-450/F-550 gains new LPG tank

ROUSH CleanTech is a developer and provider of autogas technology well known to those who read regularly. The company's latest offering is a versatile LPG tank for Ford's F-450 and F-550 medium-duty trucks.
Ford F-450/F-550 with ROUSH CleanTech's new back-of-the-cab autogas tank© ROUSH CleanTechIf only in Europe vehicles as big as this one were available with petrol engines, we would convert them to run on autogas, too

The opportunity to unveil the new autogas container was the NPGA Southeastern Convention & International Propane Expo in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. The tank has a net (usable) capacity of 35 gallons (approx. 132 l) and is a single-saddle unit. Importantly, it's passenger-side mounted, which makes it applicable on a wider variety of body styles. This means fleet operators will no longer have to order a size up to make sure there's enough room to accommodate an LPG tank behind the cabin. ROUSH CleanTech's new offering fits 84-, 120- and 180-inch cab-to-axle chassis cabs.

Among autogas-powered applications of the F-450 and F-550 are box vans, flat beds, service trucks, mini-bobtails, crane trucks and cylinder delivery vehicles. The latter are particularly popular in the 84” cab-to-axle size due to ease of manouvering around small neighbourhoods. Notably, trucks converted with ROUSH CleanTech systems maintain the same engine performance and towing capacity as their counterparts running on petrol. The new tank is available for order now.

The innovative autogas fuel tank configuration for these heavier-duty Ford trucks provides the propane industry with another option for their fleets. Companies can fuel all of their Class 4-7 work trucks and bobtails with the same product they sell.

Todd Mouw, vice president of sales and marketing


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