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Ford F-650 CNG by Landi Renzo

Gassification of America continues – Ford has recently introduced a CNG-powered version of its F-650 truck, with conversion technology developed by the Italian company Landi Renzo. The vehicles was first shown at the Work Truck Show on March 4, 2015.
2016 Ford F-650© FordA 6,8-litre V10 engine cannot be economical, but when powered with LPG or CNG, it actually can

The F-650, along with the F-750 model, has been recently updated and features a 6,8-litre V10 engine which can be ordered conversion-prepped for either LPG or CNG. This doesn't mean the trucks can actually run on those alternative fuels, since vehicle modifiers, including Westport Innovations and Roush CleanTech, have yet to introduce conversion kits. Westport has plans for a dedicated (monofuel) CNG version and Roush will offer an LPG system.

As far as Landi Renzo is concerned, the company already offers bi-fuel or dedicated CNG conversion of the F-450/F-550. A bi-fuel CNG version of the F-550 and a dedicated CNG-powered F-650 for the 2016 model year, both featuring LR components, were first displayed at Ford's stand at the Work Truck Show. Sales are expected to commence soon.


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