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Clyde 1061 HD - from America, for America

Clyde 1061 HD - from America, for America © Clyde Trucks

Even though the flatbed version of the Clyde truck looks like as if it traveled through space and time from 1970's Thailand or Indonesia, it's made in the USA. The vehicles belong to American gross weight classes 4 and 5 and can be optionally equipped with CNG systems.
Clyde 1061 HD flatbed© Clyde TrucksNo, this is not an old Japanese Hino truck - it's a Clyde straight from the USA!

According to the manufacturer, Clyde trucks are best suited for local distribution and refuse removal duties. Three gross weight options are on offer: 14500, 17950 and 19500 pounds, corresponding to approx. 6,5, 8,1 and 8,8 tonnes, respectively. Compressed natural gas tanks are mounted on both sides of the frame and hold enough fuel (25 GGE, i. e. gasoline gallon equivalent, overall thanks to 1,5-metre length and 40-centimetre diameter) to provide up to 400 miles (approx. 640 km) of range per refueling.

Fuel from the tanks is delivered to a GM-sourced 6-litre (5967 ccm, to be specific) LC8 engine. It's a monofuel unit generating 327 PS (at 4600 RPM) and a hefty torque of 506 Nm (at 4400 RPM). Clyde 1061 HD is thus a peculiar combination of Asian styling and layout (cab over engine) with American technology (engine) and locally-produced fuel. The market of CNG- and LPG-powered vehicles in the US is growing rapidly, so this "cosmopolitan” truck will probably find its enthusiasts, too.


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