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Greenkraft G-series Tri-Gas - fill 'em all

If you want to go alternative in terms of fuel for your fleet of vehicles, most often you have to choose between LPG and CNG. With Greenkraft's new truck you get both in a single package. And if there's nowhere to refuel, you can switch to petrol!
Greenkraft G-series Tri-Gas truck© GreenkraftWe've heard and written about multi-fuel vehicles before, but the Greenkraft G-series Tri-Gas is probably the first truck among them

The new vehicle debuted at the 2015 edition of the ACT Expo in Dallas, Texas, but the company behind its development comes from California. The G-series Tri-Gas comes equipped with 6-litre GM-sourced engines (8-litre option is said to be available soon) and tanks with capacities ranging from 20 to 60 GGE (gasoline gallon equivalent).

Unfortunately, the truck displayed at the ACT Expo was only a technology demonstrator and actual vehicles cannot be ordered with LPG and CNG systems fitted alongside. Customers can choose between the two alternative fuels (Greenkraft also offers hybrids), but cannot combine them. Which is a pity, actually – with US alternative fuel infrastructure still requiring much development, having both autogas and compressed natural gas permanently on board wouldn't be such a bad idea. Here's something for Greenkraft and other truck manufacturers to think about...


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