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ic12 - lubricates and cleans

There's yet another lubricant and cleaner available on the market and designed to clean and protect parts of any engine converted to run on LPG. It's said to improve longevity of autogas injectors, thus further reducing running costs of LPG-powered cars.
ic12 applied to an LPG-powered engine© LPG CleanerThe ic12 could further boost your savings from using autogas instead of petrol

Liquid valve saver kits for LPG-powered engines have been available for quite a while now, but this product is something different. It actually cleans and protects components of the autogas system, in particular injectors. As the manufacturer promises, ic12 dissolves and removes heavy end build up, but without the risk of dissolving rubber seals along with it. Instead, the product lubricates seals, prolonging their life.

According to LPG Cleaner, the company behind development, production and marketing of the ic12, the product is so effective that in over 85% cases it can return the original performance of injectors, thus helping to avoid costly repairs or replacement. Of course, once damage is done, it's done and the ic12 won't miraculously heal anything, but, if applied in time, it's able to make components as good as new.

As shown in the photograph, the product isn't applied into the petrol tank or through a special dosing kit fitted in the engine bay. To use it, you have to unhook the LPG hose from the injector rail and pour some fluid directly into the rail. Then reconnect the hose, wait a while for the ic12 to work and start the engine as usual. It helps on most injector rails available today. The product is readily available now.


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