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© Zavoli / A Kia Sportage 1,6 GDI with a Zavoli ZLI system poprzednie następne
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Zavoli ZLI - direct liquid state LPG injection

Zavoli ZLI - direct liquid state LPG injection © Zavoli

The Zavoli ZLI is a sequential autogas system that doses liquid state LPG directly into combustion chambers of spark-ignition direct-injected engines. LPG is dosed through the original petrol injectors.
Zavoli ZLI autogas system in a Kia Sportage 1,6 GDI© ZavoliZavoli ZLI – an autogas system for direct petrol injection engines. Notice the characteristic FSU (Fuel Selector Unit) module on the bulkhead wall (it’s identical to the one used in BRC’s LDI system)

The ZLI is a twin system to BRC’s LDI system. This won’t be surprising for all those who know more about affinities within the autogas industry, as both Zavoli and BRC supply new solutions for an American potentate, Fuel Systems Solutions – a company that associates smaller companies from LPG and CNG sector.

The ZLI system allows cars to operate on LPG from start-up, which will certainly be appreciated by all those who drive short distances.

The ZLI – as is the case with BRC’s LDI system – has an additional petrol pump (in the LPG tank) that helps switching the engine to petrol. In addition to this pump, there are two more LPG pumps operating in the gas tank.

Attached photos show a Kia Sportage with a 1,6 GDI engine equipped with a Zavoli ZLI autogas system. The engine with a 1600 cm3 displacement has a power of 99 kW (135 PS) and 166 Nm torque when LPG is used. The gas tank, placed in the spare wheel compartment, has a capacity of 73 liters (720x230mm).


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