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The development of technology enabling conversion of direct-injected petrol engines to run on autogas is the key to the LPG sector's success in the following years. Indirect autogas injection supported by limited direct petrol injection is a palliative, but luckily systems applying LPG directly to combustion chambers at high pressure right through petrol injectors are on the rise. Here is a new one, by the Italian company Icom.
Icom JTG HP - a diagram of the system© IcomNo reducer, no injector rail - hail to simplicity!

Icom's indirect liquid state autogas injection system, the JTG, is probably known to everyone who follows technological progress in the field of automotive LPG systems. The system has enjoyed mild success in Europe, but has been popular across the Atlantic, where many OEM-approved conversions are done using the JTG or its variations, which include a diesel-gas blending system and now also one for direct-injected petrol engines.

The JTG HP's build and operation resemble those of similar solutions introduced earlier. LPG is drawn from the tank by a pump and delivered to a distribution unit, which is esentially a set of electrovalves opening and shutting the flow of petrol and autogas. Then the gaseous fuel is directed through the OEM high-pressure fuel pump to OEM fuel injectors and into combustion chambers. The system features also additional petrol and LPG pumps within the engine bay. The second LPG pump is there to raise pressure in order to avoid vapour locks. The heat exchanger (a gas radiator, if you will) assists the pump in serving its purpose.

The introduction of the JTG HP is definitely good news – the more such systems available, the lower their price and the faster the transition between LPG-powered MPI and DI engines. Icom's latest product has already been launched commercially and is available, so we will watch its market performance.


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