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STAG 400 DPI - broad range of possibilities

There is no retreat from direct petrol injection. Fair enough, since it allows to lower fuel consumption and all sorts of emissions. Obviously this does not mean autogas systems have become redundant – engineers are working continuously to keep up with engine technology development. Here is what AC has prepared to enable conversions of DI motors.
This is one very direct ECU!© ACThe STAG 400 DPI

To start with, the new member of the well-known and renowned STAG family of autogas system ECU's can be used to convert FSI/TSI/TFSI engines made by the VW Group, found in cars by Skoda, Audi, Seat and, naturally, Volkswagen. New variations, designed for converting direct-injection engines manufactured by all major car makers, will be introduced gradually.

The STAG 400 DPI, even though it is a system made for motors with direct petrol injection, as such is a port-injection system, applying LPG into the intake manifold, pretty much like 4th generation sequential injection autogas systems do. Driving on LPG alone is not possible, because shutting off petrol injectors (located directly inside combustion chambers) would lead to their overheating and failure. Unlike in many similar systems from other producers, autogas is injected across entire RPM range, although petrol is used simultaneously all the time, albeit in very limited amounts. Furthermore, petrol injection ratio is constant regardless of engine load.

Additional options and functions include: an integrated OBD II/EOBD adapter, precise autocalibration mode, self-diagnostics system and an integrated petrol pressure emulator. Thanks to these, installers save time working on a conversion and converted cars fail to notice the change of fuel. Who does notice it is the driver when it comes to paying the bill at the refueling station, which is exactly the point. Using petrol and autogas at the same time might sound a bit complicated, but is effective, so who cares about technicalities?


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