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Adapter-filters by Certools now available!

A refueling adapter with a built-in filter is a technology patented by Certools, a known and renowned Polish manufacturer of fuel filtration systems and solutions for gaseous alternative fuels – LPG and CNG.
Certools' adapter-filter cross-section© CertoolsSimple, yet efficient - the Certools LPG adapter-filter

The company has recently introduced its LPG adapter-filters, which – as the name clearly suggests – serve two purposes at the same time. For one, they make it possible to refuel autogas-powered cars across Europe, at pumps equipped with ACME, bayonet and Italian dish nozzles. But not necessarily just during journeys abroad, as their second function is to provide extra filtration to fuel by a built-in permanent filter made of sintered bronze.

ACME- and Italian-dish-type adapter-filters are offered in standard (60 mm) and extended (95 mm) versions. Both types and lengths are available with either M10 or M12 threads. The bayonet-type adapter is 80 mm long and also available in M10 and M12 thread configurations. The extra filtration these products offer may come particularly handy now, as winter's approaching.


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