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Propane Vapor Injection - the freshmaker

Diesel-LPG blending technology is gaining popularity worldwide as it helps boost fuel economy and cut harmful emissions. Appropriate solutions have also been launched stateside and here's a product offered by LP Energy Systems.
Propane Vapor Injection system components© LP Energy SystemsConverting a diesel engine to partially run on LPG autogas is a particularly non-intrusive job

To cut a long story short, the Propane Vapor Injection system adds a relatively small dose of LPG autogas into diesel injection to improve combustion efficiency. The extra fuel provides instantaneous secondary burn, boosting efficiency from 75 to 95% (reducing CO2 by 22% and NOX by 59% along the way, as well as cutting PM10 emissions), which means the typical plume of black smoke, composed primarily of unburnt diesel fuel, becomes a thing of the past (the fuel is combusted, not exhausted).

LPG is added in vapourised form into the air intake valve (while diesel is injected before the turbocharger) and mixes into the air-fuel premix. According to LP Energy Systems, the technology can be used on any stationary or mobile diesel engine and once LPG runs out, the system switches back to regular diesel-only power. Will the idea of diesel-LPG blending conquer America? Well, why shouldn't it?


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