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Schwan's benefits from autogas

Schwan's Home Service is yet another US company running a fleet of LPG-powered vehicles. However, they are not new to the idea of saving money and cutting emissions with the alternative fuel – they have been using it for decades.
Schwan's Home Service's delivery van© Schwan Food CompanyLPG benefits the company, the customers and the environment - everybody's happy

While LPG autogas (also known as propane) is quickly becoming popular in the US today, the fuel as such is anything but new. In fact, it used to be quite common in the 1970s and 1980s, with police cars, taxis and delivery vans or trucks in various parts of the country using it. The Schwan Food Company has been running its fleet on autogas since mid-70's, when oil embargoes were first introduced. Today the firm has 4400 delivery vehicles, 70% (3080) of which are fueled with the greener, more affordable fuel. And even despite the underdeveloped refueling station network, refilling is not a problem since the company has their own bulk tanks and dispensers on the premises.

Saving money through LPG is one thing, but environmental benefits are another. According to Schwan's estimates, the company's autogas part of the fleet prevented emitting over 31 thousand tonnes of CO2 in 2013 alone, which equals to permanently removing 7000 cars from US roads. As for cost savings, autogas is cheaper than petrol and since Schwan's contracts deliveries of considerable amounts of the fuel over a period of time, they have the possibility of negotiating rates and keeping them at a constant level even if retail prices go up.

All in all, Schwan's LPG story has long been one of success. As for technology behind the vehicles, the company uses autogas systems developed and built by its own subsidiary, Bi-Phase Technologies. These are liquid state LPG injection systems, offering great drivability with very little maintenance. Drivers like them for their no-fuss operation and the company likes them for the benefits they bring about. What else do you need for another 40 years of savings and satisfaction?


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