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LI 10 - a worthy successor?

Nothing lasts forever – trivial as it may sound, it often proves true, also when it comes to autogas injection systems. However, if the good is succeeded by better, there is no reason to be sorry. The legendary IG1 reducer made by Landi Renzo has been replaced by the new LI 10 model. Will the newcomer live up to its predecessor's legend?
Landi Renzo LI 10 reducer© Landi RenzoThe hallmark cubic shape is gone, but competence remains and that is what matters the most

Despite its unassuming looks, the LI 10 is a small strongman. Even the basic variant, designed for converting naturally aspirated engines, is capable of supplying motors with power of up to 140 kW/190 PS. The turbo version is said to manage force-fed units of up to 160 kW/218 PS, which is more than decent, but even in case two vapourisers should be required, the LI 10 is very compact, so fitting another one under the bonnet should be no problem whatsoever.

According to Landi Renzo, high efficiency is not the only advantage of the new reducer. It is also characterised by remarkable stability in terms of maintaining constant gas pressure and temperature, as well as by gas filter and electrovalve integrated into the main body. Interestingly – from a utility point of view – is the option to switch vapourised gas outlet and safety valve socket if it makes the fitting process easier. Also, the liquid state gas filter insert can be replaced without disconnecting the high-pressure hoses.

To cut a long story short: the LI 10 – already included in Landi Renzo's Omegas and Omegas Evo systems – is compact, practical and fears not high-power engines, turbocharged ones included. The IG1 may rest assured that its position has been taken over by a successor properly qualified for the job!


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